Thursday, May 13, 2021

Craig Henne, the actor behind Sam & Me, is with his Creator

It's been just over a week since his beautiful funeral, and I've finally had the chance to write and let you all know that our beloved Craig Henne, the inspiration for Sam & Me, went home to his Father's house, in which there are many, many rooms.  Phillis and his children are wonderful people, and may they continued to be comforted by their father's inspiration, and by the prayers of those who loved him.  It was a particular pleasure to meet people from the Northeast who made the trip down.  

We were graciously asked at Craig's beautiful military funeral service, on a picture perfect day, if we'd like to say a few words.  I wasn't prepared at all, which is often the best way to speak.  I mentioned how I used to think of myself as a middle-aged 15 year old, but that Craig, who is 25 years my senior, had me outdone.

We were both young comics at heart, and we shared much in common from our recovery program, to our fondness for conservative and libertarian ideals.  We often debated and disagreed on various topics, from Teslas (Craig loves them!), to Trump (Craig was a never-Trumper who came around), to friendly debates about theology.

But one thing could be said of Craig: He was always in a good mood!  Always brilliant and hilarious, and he always spoke so very highly of Phillis and his children.

Craig spent more time in the front seat of my car than anyone else in Florida. I'm so glad I have hours of footage of those times, and someday I'll be able to carefully edit them without crying all over my keyboard.  I can't release them raw - Craig has a reputation to maintain!  

To his family, thank you for sharing your Craig with me for our silly comedic adventures.  To me he was like a father figure, brother, best friend, and sponsor all rolled up into one beautifully frightening package.  

Fortunately, the same Spirit that animated Craig is alive and well, and with us today and forever.  May we never forget to call on Him, as we look forward to that movie premiere party in the sky, where every night is movie night, and there are only happy endings.

Here are links to some more "rarish" videos of our beloved friend.