Sunday, December 22, 2013

Release Date Announced: July 4th, 2014

On Friday July 4th, 2014, the feature film Sam & Me will bring fireworks to the big screen.  That's when the patriotic-themed political satire will premiere in South Florida (details coming soon).

"Principal photography wraps up January 31st, and the months of February through June will be spent in post-production," said Brian Kirk, director / writer of the film.

"There's no date like July 4th in American history, and since this film has its own subtle revolutionary themes, we can't think of a more perfect release date than Independence Day," continued Kirk.  The fact that this year July 4th lands on a Friday means the movie gods are indeed smiling on this project.

Sam & Me personifies the federal government through "Uncle Sam" Armstrong (played by Craig Henne) and his nephew Kevin (played by Kirk).  Uncle Sam is a bloated, addicted has-been, who demands more and more from his nephew, ultimately bringing them both to the breaking point.

Contemporary political issues subtly explored in the film include:
  • The NSA surveillance scandal
  • Excessive taxation and regulations
  • Foreign Aid
  • Immigration
  • Nanny Statism
  • Alternative Energy
  • Housing Subsidies
... and more

Kirk said the goal from the beginning was to produce a humorous, well done film, and that the political themes were secondary to the artistic value of the project.

"However, the fact that 72% of Americans now see big government as our biggest threat means our target audience is much larger than we initially projected.  The issues we present will resonate with a vast super-majority of Americans, going past traditional party labels."

Kirk always wanted to make a film that his atheist & leftist friends could enjoy as well.

"This isn't a niche film, really, but very few fictional feature films are targeted toward a conservative / libertarian audience.  The fact that this film treats religion with respect, and has very few curse words, means we'll also be competing in the religious film marketplace.  I can't think of any single film that artfully combines political populism with humor and faith in God.  It's The Passion of the Christ meets The Patriot meets a Judd Apatow comedy.  We're not trying to be all things to all people, but I know there's a hunger out there for content that is well written, humorous, politically incorrect, with faith upheld, not mocked," continued Kirk.

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  1. So excited to see this film; the acting/directing debut of Brian Kirk!