Friday, December 20, 2013

Pictures from the Declan Joyce Era of "Sam & Me"

The filming of Sam & Me can be broken down into two eras: B.D. and A.D.  Declan Joyce has been an absolute inspiration to the cast & crew, and words, actions, and even cold hard cash could never begin to repay him for it.  Declan Joyce treated his role as Jake Joseph with the discipline and commitment of an Olympic athlete, and we wish to make our gratitude known publicly, whenever and wherever we can.  

Declan Joyce and Craig Henne.

The owner and staff at Strikes in Boca Raton were GREAT!  A special thank you to Kelly King at the Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission for the hook up!

Kary Musa is an amazing Colombian born actress/model/singer who can be found on Telemundo and in Iron Man 3. 

We had Fernando Barron II at our disposal, so we finally got that family picture on the beach!

Holy sh*t!  Did we really crash "The Colony" on Palm Beach Island?

Yolanda Figueiredo did a great job of keeping me looking like the hot guy I used to think I'd be when I was 11.

Piankhi Iknaton does it all.  He acts.  He does sound.  He lifts heavy objects.

It's not hard playing an anxiety ridden cold-calling salesman when you've been one.  

David Crain is one of the most fun people to be around.  He gives me hope for the future.  Though I was pretty freaked out when I realized I'm closer to his dad in age than I am him.  

One thing I learned this week is that I prefer directing to acting.  Answering intelligent questions about character motivation, etc. from Kary.  

Fernando humored me by capturing B-Roll of a beautiful sunset moonscape over the Atlantic on Sunday night!

As if his amazing work ethic and passion wasn't enough, Declan Joyce treated me to VIP seats at a Heat game Monday night!

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