Sunday, December 22, 2013

Release Date Announced: July 4th, 2014

On Friday July 4th, 2014, the feature film Sam & Me will bring fireworks to the big screen.  That's when the patriotic-themed political satire will premiere in South Florida (details coming soon).

"Principal photography wraps up January 31st, and the months of February through June will be spent in post-production," said Brian Kirk, director / writer of the film.

"There's no date like July 4th in American history, and since this film has its own subtle revolutionary themes, we can't think of a more perfect release date than Independence Day," continued Kirk.  The fact that this year July 4th lands on a Friday means the movie gods are indeed smiling on this project.

Sam & Me personifies the federal government through "Uncle Sam" Armstrong (played by Craig Henne) and his nephew Kevin (played by Kirk).  Uncle Sam is a bloated, addicted has-been, who demands more and more from his nephew, ultimately bringing them both to the breaking point.

Contemporary political issues subtly explored in the film include:
  • The NSA surveillance scandal
  • Excessive taxation and regulations
  • Foreign Aid
  • Immigration
  • Nanny Statism
  • Alternative Energy
  • Housing Subsidies
... and more

Kirk said the goal from the beginning was to produce a humorous, well done film, and that the political themes were secondary to the artistic value of the project.

"However, the fact that 72% of Americans now see big government as our biggest threat means our target audience is much larger than we initially projected.  The issues we present will resonate with a vast super-majority of Americans, going past traditional party labels."

Kirk always wanted to make a film that his atheist & leftist friends could enjoy as well.

"This isn't a niche film, really, but very few fictional feature films are targeted toward a conservative / libertarian audience.  The fact that this film treats religion with respect, and has very few curse words, means we'll also be competing in the religious film marketplace.  I can't think of any single film that artfully combines political populism with humor and faith in God.  It's The Passion of the Christ meets The Patriot meets a Judd Apatow comedy.  We're not trying to be all things to all people, but I know there's a hunger out there for content that is well written, humorous, politically incorrect, with faith upheld, not mocked," continued Kirk.

Sam & Me casts Donika Kirk as Annie

Donika Kirk "knocked it out of the park" in her acting debut last week, playing the wife of Jake Joseph in Sam & Me.  

Director Brian Kirk was cautioned repeatedly about casting his wife in the movie.  His only regret now is that he didn't cast her in a bigger role.

"As with most things she tries, Donika completely exceeded everyone's expectations.  The first time she picked up a golf club or a softball bat, Donika was magical.  Why should I have been expecting anything different from her acting?"

Having Declan Joyce on board made things better for everyone.  "As an actor stepping into the role of acting coach, Declan brought out exactly what was needed for Donika to accurately represent her character.  We couldn't have asked for better on-screen chemistry."

Friday, December 20, 2013

Pictures from the Declan Joyce Era of "Sam & Me"

The filming of Sam & Me can be broken down into two eras: B.D. and A.D.  Declan Joyce has been an absolute inspiration to the cast & crew, and words, actions, and even cold hard cash could never begin to repay him for it.  Declan Joyce treated his role as Jake Joseph with the discipline and commitment of an Olympic athlete, and we wish to make our gratitude known publicly, whenever and wherever we can.  

Declan Joyce and Craig Henne.

The owner and staff at Strikes in Boca Raton were GREAT!  A special thank you to Kelly King at the Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission for the hook up!

Kary Musa is an amazing Colombian born actress/model/singer who can be found on Telemundo and in Iron Man 3. 

We had Fernando Barron II at our disposal, so we finally got that family picture on the beach!

Holy sh*t!  Did we really crash "The Colony" on Palm Beach Island?

Yolanda Figueiredo did a great job of keeping me looking like the hot guy I used to think I'd be when I was 11.

Piankhi Iknaton does it all.  He acts.  He does sound.  He lifts heavy objects.

It's not hard playing an anxiety ridden cold-calling salesman when you've been one.  

David Crain is one of the most fun people to be around.  He gives me hope for the future.  Though I was pretty freaked out when I realized I'm closer to his dad in age than I am him.  

One thing I learned this week is that I prefer directing to acting.  Answering intelligent questions about character motivation, etc. from Kary.  

Fernando humored me by capturing B-Roll of a beautiful sunset moonscape over the Atlantic on Sunday night!

As if his amazing work ethic and passion wasn't enough, Declan Joyce treated me to VIP seats at a Heat game Monday night!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Declan Joyce takes his talent, passion to Sam & Me

Declan Joyce

Hollywood actor Declan Joyce brought the role of Jake Joseph to life in a way no one, including the director, could have predicted.  

"Declan's work here with us in South Florida may be done, but his impact will last a lifetime for those he worked with," said director Brian Kirk.  

Actor Craig Henne, who plays Sam, said "The effect Declan had on the cast, crew, and production in general was beyond magnificent.  We could all mortgage our houses, give the proceeds to Declan, and it still wouldn't be enough to compensate him for his amazing energy and zeal."

Below is a sample of Joyce's work from IMDB.  You can get his entire IMDB page HERE.

American Idiots
Strigoi / Allan
 2013The C Gate (Short)
FBI Special Agent
 2013Raptor Ranch
Special Agent O'Reilly
 2011A Kiss for Jed
 2011Drain Baby
 2010/INow Here
Jerzy Polanski
 200730,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Video)
 2007The Blue Rose
 2007Man in the Chair
Jailer #2
 2005Shattered Day
 2004Still Single
 2004The Hitter Awards (Short)
Deputy Corrigan
 2003Macabre Theatre Halloween Special (TV Movie)
 2003I'm with Busey (TV Series)
Trust (2003)
 2003Red Zone
 2002The District (TV Series)
Young Shooter
Old Wounds (2002) ... Young Shooter
 2001The Andy Dick Show (TV Series)
Car Salesman / Bob Peterson
Episode #1.6 (2001) ... Car Salesman
Episode #2.4 ... Bob Peterson

More to come!

Read more about Declan here

Monday, December 16, 2013

Iron Man 3 / Telemundo Star Kary Musa joins the cast!

It's been a wonderfully hectic few months.  We went through a casting shift that has yielded amazing talent, and Kary Musa has been a huge part of that!  

Kary plays Victoria, an Albanian beauty who steals Jake's heart (more on the actor playing Jake soon) and more.

We shot her scenes yesterday near Miami, and with some digital magic, we are able to replicate the gorgeous terrain of the Balkans.

It just keeps getting better, folks!