Saturday, August 17, 2013

An amazing first week of shooting!

Director and "Man of the People" Brian Kirk pretending to put wires where they should go.

My new favorite person in the whole wide world who is not part of my immediate family, Madylin Sweeten!

Mady's acting skills were AMAZING.

And she was a very good sport to put up with Mr. Amateur Hour (a.k.a. Brian Kirk)

Sweating like John Walsh is after me (prior to hair, makeup and wardrobe).  Thank you, Craig Henne for this brilliant observation!

L to R: Fernando Barron II, the best DP in the biz, me, Mady, and Antonella, the Sicilian Sensation, and PGA staffer (as well as actress)

Fernando Barron II doin' what he do!

A pic of Fernando taken by Mady.

We transformed my kitchen into a set!  MADY SWEETEN... in MY kitchen!  She was even gracious enough to pretend(?) to enjoy my Ray Romano impression!

Cast Party: Theresa Carissimi (Victoria) with Craig Henne.  If you've ever doubted Craig's similarity to Uncle Sam, doubt no more.  

My wife Donika Kirk with Mady Sweeten.

Mady with Fernando Barron II.

Young Kevin (Erich Schuett) with Magistrate Barry Fleischer (Neil Berliner).

Piankhi Iknation (Officer Williams) with Erich Schuett.  

Mady with Erich. 

L to R: Theresa Carissimi, Brian Kirk, Lulu Braha (a.k.a. Mady's mom in the land of make believe). 

Mady, Gary & Lulu Braha.  Thinking of casting Gary as a gangster.  But he's too nice.  ; )  

Rose Warner (a God-send to this production) with Mady and Diana Warner.  

Young Kevin with Uncle Sam.  Erich is so awesome that I'm rewriting the script to give him more lines!

Beauty and the Beast. 

Mady with Jamie Lynn Spears (she's aged well, no?)

Dominic Carissimi (casting him as a gangster, easy call) with Mady. 

Me with young me.  I think I robbed this kid of all hope!!!