Sunday, July 21, 2013

Script Notes


While the script is complete, the actors involved in the project have a gift for improvisation.

"Once filming starts in mid-August, I'm absolutely certain that there will be some wonderfully pleasant surprises.  Craig Henne is a major talent who blabs brilliantly on the radio for hours each day.  The final production will follow the script, but precisely how the themes are delivered is subject to creative interpretations - changes I'm looking forward to experiencing and embracing," said Kirk.

"Organizing the script with note-cards may seem archaic,
but there's no better way to organize my thoughts," says Kirk.  

A word about Cussin'

Initially, Sam & Me was written based on the way writer / director Brian Kirk often speaks with his own friends.  Yes, they can be crude.  They can drop F-bombs.  But then a lesson Kirk learned early on in stand-up came roaring back.  

"I was reminded that it's much harder to write clean than it is to write blue.  So I took on that challenge, and went through a total re-write that still delivers an authentic sounding message about patriotism, struggle, and faith, while ensuring that this is something I can show my own kids, my own parents, or a left-wing film buff, without being embarrassed," continues Kirk.  

"Ultimately, this film's core audience is likely to be conservative and religious.  Why alienate a huge portion of our viewers with unnecessary crudeness?"

Though most major roles are cast, auditions will take place August 9-10 in Palm Beach County, and filming will commence August 12-30.  The month of September will be spent in post-production, with a targeted release date of mid-October.

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